About TH Hilson

Your Trusted Partner for Chemical Solutions.

isolated-beakerTH Hilson offers an excellent combination of value, technology, and service in the supply of specialty chemical raw materials to the markets we serve.

As a mid-size supplier to our target markets, we dedicate our time to our customers’ projects which enables us to offer creative solutions to meet formulating challenges. Our experienced commercial team has decades of technical expertise and market knowledge to help customers develop value-added products, and principals to grow their business. The end result of this partnership between principals, TH Hilson, and customers is growth and success for all.

We have represented many industry leaders since we first opened our doors in 1973, and our relationships are based on strong communication, transparency and reliability. TH Hilson is dedicated to giving customers the same positive experience each time they engage with our company. This consistency is one of the many reasons our customers continue their relationship with us year after year.

Over the years, we have grown and changed in response to our principals’ and customers’ needs, yet we have remained committed to the values that have anchored the company for the past 43 years. Loyalty, integrity, creativity and commitment to growth are hallmarks of the TH Hilson Company.