Why TH Hilson?

A Message For Prospective Partners

Why have so many TH Hilson principals and customers stayed with us for decades? The answer can be summed up in three words: Expertise, Excellence and Service.


Our commercial team is comprised of high profile industry leaders with an average of 24 years experience.  Every day in the field, they act as assets for our principals and resources for our customers, and they look to grow our business by helping their customers succeed.


TH Hilson is committed to the growth and success of our principals, our customers, and our own company. Our company has a consistent track record of increasing the visibility and opportunities of our global supply partners by offering creative solutions and the highest level of service to our customers.  We actively promote our principals’ products, excel at introducing new technology, and work to solve customers’ formulating and supply challenges.


Our customers recognize our experience and commitment in providing solution-based selling, on-time delivery and a high level of service.  With an average tenure of over 11 years with TH Hilson, our internal employees understand customers’ needs and are responsive to what is important to our customers’ businesses.