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Elevate Natural Oils in Hair Care Repair with NatureVgel FG-100

Applechem’s new study shows that NatureVgel FG-100 leverages the nourishing power of natural oils in hair cutical repair and overall protection.  NatureVgel boosts the functionality of natural oils by structuring them in a thermally reversible micro-sponge polymer network, creating a soft cushioned viscoelastic gel.  Tests show NatureVgel FG-100:

  • Dramatically enhances & extends benefits of natural oils in hair care formulations
  • Smoothes & restores the damaged hair cuticles back to a healthy state with great shine
  • Protects & reduces hair damage from shampooing, combing & styling
  • Matches or outperforms silicone-based repair formulas, while increasing natural content of the formula


TH Hilson Now Offers High Quality Steel Pails – Call to Learn More!


  • 2 ½ to 7 ½  Gallon Sizes
  • 29, 28, 26, gauge Pails
  • 29, 26, 24 gauge Lids
  • Lined & Unlined
  • Plain & Flexspout Fittings Available
  • U.N. Certified Pails Available
  • 7-fold bottom seam gives better durability
  • Narrow smooth side seam is higher quality
  • New state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facility


Engineered Polymer Solutions

The Low VOC DTM Solution

Looking for a self-crosslinking styrenated acrylic emulsion offering excellent gloss development, corrosion and chemical resistance as well as early water resistance and rapid hardness development?

EPS 2507 is the answer!



Repulpami ER (New!)
Global anti-ageing
plumping, firming, anti-wrinkle


  • An original composition based on plants growing in the Tambacounda and Louga regions: White Hibiscus (Bissap) and Baobab
  • A functioning inspired by the traditional local uses
  • A High-Tech active: an efficacy tested in vitro and in vivo
  • An ingredient developed in accordance with the A.M.I. eco-responsibility approach, as part of USAID projects in Senegal (United States Agency of International Development)

An emulsion containing 2% Repulpami improves the skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, by lifting and plumping it, and also by firming and hydrating it.


You Know Vantex T is Zero VOC, Virtually No Odor & Multifunctional.
But did you know…


Vantex T also provides colloid stability.  Liquid/Gas and Liquid/Liquid interfacial tension measurements demonstrate that Vantex T has a unique ability to provide for low interfacial tensions between immiscible phases. Better colloid stability means:

  • Better pigment dispersion
  • Better emulsion stability
  • Better syneresis control
  • Less pigment settling
  • Easier pigment wetting

Vantex T:  the Zero VOC amine that does more!


100% Natural Preservative with tested efficacy.



Engineered Polymer Solutions

EPS 2535 & 2540 Offer Outstanding Performance in Water-Based Industrial Coatings


For ferrous & non-ferrous metal, wood and plastic substrates, EPS 2535 & 2540 acrylic emulsion polymers yield superior coatings:

  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Excellent gloss development & retention
  • Excellent early water resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to ferrous & non-ferrous metal substrates
  • Broad solvent compatibility

Engineered Polymer Solutions

EPS 2533 High Performance, Low VOC Alternative to Solvent Based Primers


EPS 2533 is a styrenated acrylic emulsion that offers outstanding ink and tannin stain blocking and excellent adhesion.  It is ideal for use as a universal primer or low gloss topcoat on ferrous & non-ferrous metal, cementitious, wood and plastic substrates.

  • Excellent tannin stain block
  • Excellent ink marker stain block
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent early water resistance and alkali resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to metal substrates, glossy alkyds and chalky substrates
  • Superior exterior durability
  • Non-APEO raw materials

Engineered Polymer Solutions

EPS 2293 Offers Exceptional Performance in Concrete Sealers & Coatings


EPS 2293 is a self-crosslinking all-acrylic emulsion that gives superior performance in clear concrete sealers, porch and floor paints, garage floor paints and concrete stains.

  • Excellent early water resistance
  • Excellent gloss development & retention
  • Excellent wet & dry adhesion to tile, glass & cementitious substrates
  • Excellent low temperature film formation
  • Excellent chemical & abrasion resistance
  • VOC compliant
  • Non-APEO raw materials


Looking For a Food Grade Antifoam?


antifoamBlueStar Silicones Silcolapse 700 antifoam series are used in a wide range of indirect food contact applications.

Silcolapse 723, 722 and 721 are 30%, 20% and 10% emulsions respectively.  These defoamers can be used at concentrations as low as 10 ppm solids, even at elevated temperatures.  They are particularly effective in alkaline conditions.





  • 100% natural purified extract of pomegranate in glycerin.
  • Stimulates expression of aquaporines in epidermis, proteins essential to circulation of water in skin.
  • Optimizes water circulation throughout skin to restore water homeostasis.
  • Decreases collagenase synthesis and increases collagen.

Amiporine ER promotes skin hydration and improves skin firmness and support.  Use Amiporine ER in products for mature skin, products for dry/dehydrated skin, radiance skincare and aftersun products.


Introducing a New Generation of Natural Actives for Cosmetics: COSME-PHYTAMIS


  • 5-10 times higher concentration in active molecules than typical market extracts due to Alban Muller’s eco-responsible and exclusive manufacturing process.
  • Made to pharmaceutical standards, at constant and reproducible concentration, verified by HPLC.
  • Identification of 90% of phytochemical composition.
  • Plants are sourced locally for qualilty and traceability.
  • Extracts are supplied in glycerin and contain no glycols or preservatives.
  • All these advantages at a competitive price and with a 21 day lead time!

Impact Colors

Red + Green. Blue + Orange. Yellow + Purple. Color Correction Concepts for Skin.


Discoloration on the face has an undertone to it.   Undereye circles are blue/gray, blemishes are pink, hyperpigmentation is brown.  You can cancel out the unwanted color by adding an effect pigment to your formula in a complementary color, i.e. the color opposite on the color wheel.

Need to hide under eye circles?   Try Optique Satin Red and Optique Satin Gold.

Need to warm up a gray skin tone?  Try Bichroma Magenta.

To mask rosacea, use Optique Satin Green.


3V has an optical brightener to match your detergent formulation and performance requirements.


Optiblanc SX

  •  Biphenyl-based
  • Good weight efficiency
  • Chlorine bleach stable

Optiblanc SX TDS

Optiblanc NL

  •  Stilbene-based
  • Acceptable for DfE formulas
  • 21% solution, isotropic liquid
  • Very easy to formulate

Optiblanc NL TDS

Optiblanc 2M/G

  •  Very cost effective
  • Excellent fabric deposition

Optiblanc 2M/G TDS
TH Hilson has a broad range of products for HI&I:  surfactants, silicones, polymers, waxes and more!


Alphabet Creams: Learning Your BB, CC and DD’s? TH Hilson has what you need!


BB = Beauty (originally Blemish) Balm

Texture:  Creamy & Moisturizing

What It Does: Offers daily sun protection, extra hydration, and a touch more coverage than a tinted moisturizer.

CC = Color Correct or Color Control Cream

Texture:  Lightweight and Fast Absorbing

What It Does: Imparts light veil of coverage, gives immediate color correction and has sunscreen for UV protection.

DD = Daily Defense Cream

Texture:  Like a BB Cream

What it Does:  A BB and CC cream combined.  Evens out skin tone, gives skin barrier protection to prevent moisture loss, and has UV protection.  Typically contains anti-aging ingredients for additional benefits.

TH Hilson has ingredients for your alphabet cream!

UV Protection

Applechem GBlock series – Inorganic TiO2 and Zinc dispersions for broad spectrum protection, excellent aesthetics and ease of formulation

3V Uvasorbs – Benzophenone 1, 3 & 4

Color Correction

Impact Colors – Mica/TiO2 effect pigments to even skin tone, provide radiance and diminish redness

Cabot SpectrAl PC-410 – fumed alumina to minimize fine lines and blur imperfections

Applechem Applecare A100 – pigment dispersing aid


Floratech Floraester K20W – hydrolyzed jojoba esters with glycerin imparts long-wear and smudge resistance

Floratech Floraesters IPJ – isopropyl jojobate gives amazing slip and spread, smooth application with high coverage, optimizes playtime, and is excellent pigment wetting agent

Jarchem Jarplex SB-WD – unique water dispersible shea butter

BlueStar Silicones – broad range of silicone fluids and emulsions

Anti Aging:

Alban Muller AmiPerfect – wintergreen leaf extract is naturally derived salicylic acid to eliminate dead cells, improve wrinkles and regenerate the epidermis

Applechem Phytocare HA-CG – silver ear mushroom extract is natural alterernative to sodium hyaluronic acid

Interpolymer Syntran PC-5100 – skin tightening polymer for immediate tightening

Alban Muller 100% Natural Actives – with dozens to choose from, we have an active to fit your requirements


Try our wide range of glitters for your coating or craft application!


TH Hilson has a wide range of American Glitters products to fit your coating or craft application.  We have holographic, fluorescent and iridescent glitters in a variety of standard colors, shapes and sizes.  We have a wide range of solvent resistant glitters too.  Custom glitters are also available.


3V Has a Broad Range of Carbomer-Based Thickeners for HI&I


3V has a rheology modifier to fit your cleaning application.  Here are just a few:

Polygel CB:  Low viscosity rheology modifier for thickening, suspending & stabilising detergency applications.

Polygel DR:  Hydrophobically modified and cross-linked for synergistic thickening of surfactants.

Polygel W301:  30% dispersion in water for easy addition during any step of production.

Neutragel DA:  Fully neutralized sodium salt for superior handling, quick dispersion, and no neutralization step.


G-Block Broad Spectrum Physical UV-Filter Dispersions: High Transparency, Easy to Use, All Natural

Consumers are clamoring for “safe” or “chemical-free” sunscreens based on mineral UV filters.   Yet they are also demanding broad spectrum protection, good application aesthetics, and lack of chalkiness on the skin.

G-Block Series from Applechem Delivers!

G-Block zinc and titanium dioxide dispersions provide the most efficient combination of high transparency, broad spectrum protection and SPF performance in easy-to-pour liquid dispersions:

  • Completely Natural – ECOCERT & NPA Approved
  • High Active Solids
  • Meets FDA “Broad Spectrum” Labeling Requirements
  • Stable – No Separation or Settlement
  • Easy to Pour

G-Block makes it easy to create natural, stable sunscreens with both excellent transparency and robust broad-spectrum  protection.

King Industries

NACURE XC-305 Catalyst for Lower Temperature Cure of Coil & Metal Decorating CoatingsNACURE XC-305 is a novel catalyst that can reduce the cure temperature of solventborne amino crosslinked coatings.   Applications include coil coatings, extrusion coatings, metal decorating & applicance finishes.
  • Reduces coil coating cure temperature to 180-200°C PMT for 25 seconds
  • Provides excellent humidity resistance
  • Resistant to wrinkling under high bake temperatures
  • Easily incorporated as supplied or pre-diluted with solvent
  • Excellent overbake and UV resistance

King Industries

K-Stay 555 Liquid Thixotrope for Non-Aqueous Pigmented SystemsK-Stay 555 is a liquid thixotrope for pigmented solventborne applications.  It offers the highest gloss in topcoats and is easily post added. Typical dosages are in the 1 to 3% range. Other benefits:
  • Ease of use – pourable liquid
  • Excellent sag resistance
  • Eliminates hard settling
  • Excellent performance in polar solvents
  • Enhances thermal sag control
  • No negative effects on final film properties

K-Stay 555 can be used in a wide range of pigmented solventborne formulations including acrylics, polyesters, urethanes, alkyds and epoxies.

Ross Waxes

Shellac Wax Enhances Gloss in Automotive, Leather & Furniture Polishes

Pure Shellac Wax can be used in combination with other waxes in solvent or water based polishes for both commercial and consumer products.  Shellac Wax can enhance gloss in automotive, leather and furniture polishes.

Ross Waxes

Powdered Shellac Wax for Food & Pharma Applications
  • Adds gloss when used as a surface-polishing agent in the tumbling process to produce sugar coated candies or pharmaceutical tablets.
  • Adds gloss to fruit and vegetable coatings.
  • GRAS listed.

Ross Waxes

Powdered Shellac Wax for Color Cosmetics

Pure Shellac Wax from Ross Waxes can be used as a film former, binding agent or for its gloss factor in lipsticks, mascara and press powders. Obtained through the de-waxing of bleached shellac, this wax occurs naturally in the seed lac-resin secreted by the lac-bug. Available in powdered form for easy incorporation to color cosmetics.


Dover Launches New Sulphurised Additive
Dover introduces patent-pending Doverlube LCS-10 light colored sulphurised ester.


  • Excellent stability in various naphthenic oils as well as Group I, II & III paraffinic oils.
  • Performance testing shows Doverlube LCS-10 performs better than or on par with other sulphurised additives, even additives containing up to 40% sulphur content.
  • Free of animal fats & oils; contains no inhibitors.


Eastman Introducing Synergex LA Lipophilic Amine at Next Week’s STLE!
  • Excellent hydrophobic alkanolamine for hydrophobic/hydrophilic amine combinations
  • Allows for the most stable emulsions when used in combination with a hydrophilic amine
  • Exceptionally stable emulsions when used in combination with MIPA or other hydrophilic amine
  • Allows for low odor, low overall volatility, excellent buffering and pH stability
  • Enhances performance while also extending metalworking fluid life

PMC Crystal

Surtech Antifoams Outperform the Competition!
  • In a Quick Break Foam Test, Surtech HA-4700 & HA-4720 defoamers outperformed Munzing HP 720.
  • Surtech KE-131 is a universal defoamer for soluble oils, low oil & high oil semi-synthetics, full synthetics & tankside.
  • Or, use Surtech KE-802 pre-diluted version of KE-131 as an easy-to-use tankside defoamer.

Impact Colors

Color Matters. Color Effects Dramatize!
  • Pearlescent and Iridescent Pigments
  • Metallic and Chromatic Effect Pigments
  • Color Travel Effect Pigments
  • Bismuth Oxychloride Pigments

…Inspiration Delivered Through Color Effect Pigments.




MicroPowders Introduces Four New Products!

MICROSPERSION 31AQ-50 is a 50% wax solids waterborne dispersion of AquaMatte 31.

This product was developed for those who prefer highly efficient micronized waxes in an easy to use liquid form. In addition to its matting efficiency, Microspersion 31AQ-50 imparts a smooth surface with marked improvements in burnish and mar resistance when compared to inorganic matting agents. Applications include architectural wall and trim paints, wood varnishes as well as general industrial waterborne finishes.

AQUAMATTE 22 is a finer particle size version of AquaMatte 31.

AquaMatte 22 has a mean particle size of 6.0-8.0 microns with a maximum size of 22.0 microns. This product imparts a smooth surface feel in satin and semi-gloss varnishes with the added benefit of reduced haze. This product was initially developed for waterborne wood finishes.

MICROKLEAR 709 is a homogeneous melt blend of polyethylene, PTFE and carnauba wax.

MicroKlear 709 gives the formulator all the performance advantages of the MicroKlear waxes with the addition of PTFE for added heat resistance and lubricity. This product is ideal for UV varnishes, fastener coatings with torque tension requirements and can coatings.

MICROPRO 700 is a melt blend of a modified polypropylene and PTFE.

This addition to the successful Micropro series is designed to impart burnish free gloss reduction along with added slip and lubricity. Micropro 700 should be ideal for water, solvent and UV wood finishes as well as overprint varnishes.



INCI Stearyl Stearate, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Jojoba Esters