Suppliers We Represent


Carbomer-Based Rheology Modifiers; Light Stabilizers (HALS & UV Absorbers); Antioxidants; Optical Brighteners; Antistatic Agents; Flame Retardants; Polyquaterniums; Preservatives


Clay-Based Rheology Modifiers; Vegetable-Based Gels; Physical UV-Filter Dispersions; Advanced Pigment Dispersion System

Glitters: Polyester, Iridescent, Hologram, Aluminum, Solvent Resistant

Arnette Polymers, LLC

Specialty Epoxy Resins; Diluents; Amine Curing Agents; Polyureas

Bluestar Silicones

Broad Range of Silicone Resins & Fluids; Silicone Antifoams; High Purity Silicones

Color Corporation of America

Liquid Colorants

Broad range of Specialty Plant-Based Surfactants for HI&I/Personal Care; Quality Functional Chemistries for Industrial Metal Lubrication

Dover Chemical Corporation

Chlorinated Paraffins; Sulfurized Fats & Esters; Phosphites; Phosphate Esters; Nonyl Phenols; Chlorine-Free Products; Amides; Emulsifiers; Boundary Lubricants; Rust Inhibitors

Draco Natural Products

Powder and Liquid Botanical Extracts; Fruit & Vegetable Extracts; Organically Certified Extracts


Specialty Amines

Engineered Polymer Solutions

Acrylic & Styrenated Acrylic Emulsions; Polyurethane Dispersions; Alkyds; Polyesters; Urethanes


Oil-Free Jojoba Ester Emolllients; Macadamia & Sunflower Oil Emollients; Moringa Oil & Butter; Jojoba Ester Particles


Acrylic and Styrene Acrylic Polymers; Wax Emulsions; Opacifying Agents

Jarchem Industries Inc.

Shea, Cocoa & Mango Butters; APG & Sarcosinate Surfactants; Fatty Alcohol Emollients; Rainforest & Exotic Butters & Oils; PVP-Based Specialty Polymers; Naturally Derived Clays

King Industries

Blocked and Unblocked Acid Catalysts; Polyamide-Based Thixotropes; Polyester Polyol & Urethane Diol Resins; Dispersants


Organic and Inorganic Pigments; Aluminum Paste; Iron Oxides; Tio2; Ultramarine Blue, Chromium Oxide Green & Other Pigments

Micro Powders
Micro Powders

Micronized Waxes & Wax Dispersions


Modified Hydrocarbon Resins; Coumarine-Indene Resins; Diluents; Hydroxy Modified Resins; Plasticizers; Petroleum Aromatic Hydrocarbon Resins

Silicone Fluids, Emulsions
Repellants; Flame Retardants

PMC Crystal

Silicone & Non-Silicone Antifoams; Broad Range of Petrolatums

Ross Waxes

Natural Waxes: Beeswax, Paraffin, Carnauba & Candelilla; Micronized Waxes

FD&C Dyes